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What Types of Properties Can We and Do We Appraise?

This is a bit of a loaded question, because technically, Jeffrey M. Johnson, MAI is licensed and certified (in the ASB Directory in the Library of Congress) to appraise ANY KIND OF REAL PROPERTY WITH NO LIMITATION. This is because as an MAI Designated Commercial Appraiser, I have been trained by the Appraisal Institute to handle any commercial appraisal assignment. 35+ years of commercial real estate appraising primarily throughout Metropolitan St. Louis (Missouri & Illinois), and Metropolitan Houston, Texas , and additional rural areas, cities and towns across Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas, and several other states and several other large Metropolitan Areas from Coast to Coast, has given me a depth of experience in a  large variety of property types and a large number of neighborhoods and regions. In that regard, I am very  fortunate and different from many commercial appraisers. But I am also experienced in appraising many property types you might not thin of as commercial properties, including houses, agricultural animal and crop farms, mansions and estates, rural farms and mostly vacant and natural land tracts , cropland, recreational and parkland, wineries and vineyards.

An appraiser should be geographically and property -type experienced and competent before accepting and appraisal assignment. If not, he should disclose his lack of experience in that neighborhood or property type and advise the client of what steps he will take to make himself competent. This could include taking a  course in the matter, researching books and literature on the matter, or performing research to become competent. As a Member of the Appraisal Institute, I have the world's largest library of Appraisal Research and Literature to utilize and consult (the Appraisal Institute's Lum Library). It is available on-line and in person to AI members.  

That said, I am specifically experienced and competent in all of the geographic areas described above, and specifically in many of the various neighborhoods of these states in which I am licensed and certified. I am also specifically experienced in the following types of properties (a long list but not everything, I have appraised):

Office Buildings (Medical and General), Hospitals and Medical-Surgical Buildings, Industrial buildings including Office/Warehouse, Flex Buildings, Service Centers, Bulk Warehouses & Labs, Specialty Industrial like Manufacturing Buildings, Plants, Meat and food Processing Plants, Rail Yards and Truck Terminals, Barge Facilities, Tank Farms and Tank Storage Facilities, Loft Warehouses, Animal Rendering and Abattoirs (Slaughter Houses), junk Yards and Salvage Yards. Retail and Shopping Center Buildings including Regional Malls, Big Box Retail, Strip Retail Centers, Freestanding Retail of all kinds including restaurants, drugstores, fast food gas stations and convenience stores, bars and restaurants, taverns, wineries, and micro-breweries. Floral shops, dentist offices, veterinarian offices and kennels, dog training schools, funeral homes and mortuaries, morgues, cemeteries, amusement parks, garden nurseries, water parks, radio and TV studios, radio and TV towers, antennas and transmitting towers, power-lines and easements including HVTL, docks, marinas and boat facilities, lake front property and museums. Churches, schools and houses or worship, and daycare centers. Apartments, condominiums, high-rise housing, dorms and fraternity houses, bed & breakfast (BnB), Air BnB, hotels and motels, self-storage facilities, convention centers, even centers and banquet halls, cigar lounges. Pharmaceutical and lab production facilities, with specialty air control. Refrigerated warehouses, freezers and coolers. Raw land of all types, farmland, farms, historic properties and community centers. Clinics. Subdivision developments for both commercial and residential tract development.        

I can appraise in the past, in the present, and in the future. What exists and what might or could exist. These types of appraisals are called Retrospective, "As Is", "Prospective" and can include "Prospective as to be Stabilized" appraisals. I can utilize a Discounted Cash Flow Methodology for Subdivision Appraisal and Future Sell-Offs of Property in Phases.  I am familiar with ARGUS and MS EXCEL Spreadsheet and HP-12C calculations.


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