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Jeffrey M. Johnson, MAI

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation Services:

Jeffrey M. Johnson, MAI first began providing valuation services for his brokerage and investor clients in the early to middle 1980's. His work in this field predated FIRREA and formal requirements for real estate appraiser licensing and training or education. He became interested in the valuation field in the early 1980's after taking a Commercial Realtor Continuing Education Course on how to effectively challenge a poorly written commercial appraisal. Jeff quickly recognized that the lack of formal commercial brokerage experience and application of these land economics principles was ham-stringing some commercial and residential appraisal practitioners. leading to inaccurate or misleading appraisals. Jeff found it annoying that some practitioners were ignorant of the behavior of commercial market participants, and found many appraisers reaching out to Jeff for assistance with their commercial assignments; so Jeff began a long process of formally educating himself in the appraisal industry, and performing mainly commercial real estate appraisals, that eventually culminated with him becoming a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, eventually earning an MAI Designation from the Appraisal Institute.  In over 35 years of experience, education and training, Jeff studied closely under the tutelage at least five different MAI Designated Commercial Appraisers and Experts in Appraisal of Various Commercial Property types, across Missouri, Illinois and Texas. Jeff also ran the Ad Valorem Real Estate Tax Appeal Division of one of the country's largest commercial appraisal firms headquartered in Houston, Texas - America's 5th Largest  and Fastest Growing Metropolitan Area

Jeffrey M. Johnson, MAI is a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and Arkansas and designated MAI Member of the Appraisal Institute, and a Board Member of the St. Louis Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, Jeff is also a dual member of the St. Louis & Nashville-Memphis Chapters of the Appraisal Institute. 

Jeff provides detailed commercial real estate appraisals on many diverse types of properties, including office buildings, industrial and flex buildings retail and shopping center properties, hotels and motels, wineries and event venues, net lease investment properties, restaurants, and bars, bed and breakfast facilities, specialty properties and businesses (churches, medical buildings and hospitals, funeral homes, banks, food processing and abattoirs, water parks, gas stations and c-stores) high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings and condos, existing and proposed subdivisions and industrial parks, land of all kinds, farms and recreational properties, and nursing homes and big box retail stores.         

Jeff has performed appraisals in at least 12 different large Metropolitan Areas and over a dozen different states across the country, with special emphasis in the Midwest, the South, the Southeast and the Southwest.  He performs appraisals for banks and lending institutions, insurance companies, law firms,  accounting firms, large and small businesses, individuals, and government agencies. He is a recognized Expert Witness in Several Counties in Missouri and Texas. He is Designated to Perform Complicated Commercial Appraisals for the Small Business Administration, and to Separate Personal Property and Real Estate Property Interests in Going Concern Appraisals.  He is also trained and experienced in Eminent Domain and Partial Interest Appraisals.

Jennifer Johnson is also a Commercial Appraiser in the process of completing her education and experience requirements for future licensing, certification, and/or designations. She assists Jeff with many of our commercial appraisals, and maintains the administrative  and accounting functions of the practice.

Please Note that All Appraisal and Valuation Work is kept entirely confidential and separate from our brokerage operations and activities, and performed in an unbiased manner in accordance with USPAP and applicable Professional Ethics Requirements. Client Advocacy is specifically prohibited in Appraisal Practice; however Jeff is always an unbiased advocate for his own expert valuation opinions.

Contact Jeffrey Johnson, MAI for questions about any appraisal matters or appraisals you may be needing at (636) 305-0600. He can provide custom quotes for the cost and turnaround (delivery time) of an appraisal assignment.


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