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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services



Since 1983, Missouri Real Estate Broker Jeff Johnson has provided personalized commercial real estate brokerage services to numerous Buyers and Sellers, and numerous Tenants and Landlord's across Metropolitan St. Louis, with special emphasis on St. Louis City and County, St. Charles, Jefferson & Franklin County.  Thousands of sales, and leases, later Jeff is recognized as Commercial Sales & Leasing Expert all around Metropolitan St. Louis with Special Market Dominance in the Southern, Southwest, West and Northwest parts of the Region, and special property expertise in office space and office buildings, and industrial and flex space and industrial buildings. In CY 2000, Jennifer Johnson, Jeff's wife, became  a Licensed Missouri Real Estate broker and  added her talents and skills to our commercial real estate brokerage operations.   

Today, both Jeff & Jennifer are recognized for their unparalleled expert local market knowledge and ability to sell and lease properties for premium prices and their  unique ability to assist buyers and sellers in realizing the maximum potential and benefits with their real estate goals and activities. In short, we assist Seller in "selling higher" and we assist Buyers/Tenants in buying at better and more advantageous prices> We are experts at negotiation, finding and match properties, and guiding transactions through to a successful and beneficial conclusion for both Buyers and Sellers, as well as Landlords and Tenants.   

We save both BUYERS & SELLERS precious time and money on every transaction. We utilize the most modern analytical tools and the best and most up to date techniques and data bases to aid our clients with their real estate needs and goals.  

Contact us today at (636) 305-0600 to find out how we can save you time and money on your next commercial real estate sale, purchase, lease or rental property. If you need or desire to buy or rent a commercial office, warehouse or industrial or flex property. WE ARE THE MARKET LEADERS AND THE MARKET EXPERTS IN SERVICE & INNOVATION. NOW IN OUR 4TH DECADE OF SERVICE. 

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