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About Us



Jeffrey Johnson & Jennifer Johnson are both licensed Missouri Real Estate Brokers with a 58+ years of combined commercial sales and leasing, and commercial property management experience, and real estate investment advising.

Jeffrey Johnson is also a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser with 35+ years of appraisal and valuation experience, primarily in Metro St. Louis & Houston, Texas, but also across the Midwest, the Mid-South, the Southland, the Southeast and Southwest. 

The services we provide for you and your business are dependent upon the type of service you are needing or requiring. Please note that it is a conflict of interest to be both an appraiser and a broker or other service provider at the same time or on the same  transaction or client, or at the same time.  Since we pride ourselves on Extremely High Ethics and Honesty all Appraisal & Valuation Business (Unbiased and Arms Length) is kept strictly confidential, separate and unrelated to Commercial Brokerage, Sales & Leasing, and Property Management Services (where, by contrast, we are Advocates for our Clients).

Contact us at (636) 305-0600 to discuss how we may be of service.  

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